Bio- Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Testimonial:

“Before the pellet, I was feeling depressed, dry skin, very low libido, anxiety, sleepless nights, very tired (lethargic). Now with the pellet, I feel energized and young again! Extremely happy to feel like I am 23 years old. My fiance is very happy that my libido is back to normal and I am ecstatic to feel sexually hungry. More importantly I no longer have to deal with dry legs, face and arms. I am also very energized, motivated and no longer feeling the anxiety. I am thrilled about this new technology and highly recommend it!

Mariana M.

"Love her. The girls at the front have been nothing but sweet and helpful. Whenever I call, I get through. This was the first gyno I have ever been to. She walked me through the whole process before each step (I was quite nervous) which helped me relax a lot. I refer everyone I know to her."  

Alyssa R.

" I have been seeing Dr. Pena since 2012 and most recently just a few weeks ago. Previously I had bounced around from doctor to doctor because I always felt like they were quick to medicate you and move on. Dr. Pena is caring, smart and goes out of her way to not only tell you what may be wrong but educate you about it also. I will never go to another OBGYN again. I can say with confidence that Dr. Pena is very professional and a pleasure to deal with." 

Karen M.

"As a future health care professional myself, Dr. Pena really impressed me with her knowledge and caring attitude. To start, her office staff were very courteous and made me feel welcomed. It's my first time seeing an Ob-Gyn and I really feel that Dr. Pena went out of her way to make me feel comfortable. She was incredibly patient in addressing my concern, offered many solutions and was very reassuring. I feel very lucky to have her as my first OB-GYN experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an OB-GYN!" 

Katrina C.


MonaLisa Touch Testimonial:

I am a patient of Dr. Christina Peña and was having frequent UTI’s and painful intercourse. I decided to try the MonaLisa and was very surprised to find that painful intercourse declined right away and I have not had any UTI’s. I am very happy with the results of the MonaLisa and would recommend it to anyone having similar issues”

Catherine P.

"Best GYN doctor. She dedicated, knowledgeable, personable and caring. She makes sure u understand everything u need to know. Am glad i found her." 

Niurlys N Luisito

"Es una buenísima doctora muy profesional estoy muy bien gracias a ella mucha atención he tenido de su parte soy su paciente Yohemalis gil me opere de histerectomia nunca me tuve k tomar una pastilla para ningún dolor y hasta las 6 semanas era mi reposo y al mes ya le pedí k me diera el alta pues me sentía muy bien y haci fue ya estoy incorporada ha mi trabajo si ha usted le hace falta una doctora buena se llama Cristina peña al igual k todo su colectivo muy profesional." 

Yohemalys G.

"I recently moved to Miami and was needing an OB/GYN that specialized in Bio- identical Hormone therapy as well post-menopausal issues, it is very difficult to find a physician who is knowledgeable in this area of medicine and is on the cutting edge of treatment options. Dr. Pena not only superseded my expectations but she was attentive and caring. Her knowledge and follow-up care is the best I have found in Miami and I would highly recommend her to any female over the age of 40 needing a cutting-edge physician help her manage the aging process".

Mary S.