Hysteroscopy & Robotic Surgery

Many women develop benign masses in the pelvis which do not resolve spontaneously and need to be removed. Surgical techniques have evolved through the years. Whereas it was customary to remove large fibroids and conduct hysterectomies by making a large incision in the abdomen, today many of these procedures can be done without any incision at all or through small incisions. These approaches allows for higher magnification and precision.

For the patient, the recovery period is much shorter and the incidences of infection and complications are much lower. For patients who have heavy bleeding not due to masses, a 90-second “ablation” procedure is available. This procedure is able to treat the lining inside the uterus that would potentially be bleeding over the next 2 years of menstrual cycles. I offer this procedure in my office, without the need to go to a surgical center. It is a great option for patients who bleed heavily due to hormonal imbalances but do not want to get on hormones or have major surgery.

The key is knowing all your options for your condition, and understanding the pros and cons, in order to make the decision that is best for you.